hi everyone. i’m working on a special secret project and i’d love your help with it. it’s simple, i just want to hear your stories about the different topics below, and i set up a few ways for you to share them. first, you could share on your socials and then submit the link to the post in the form below. second, we set up a phone number for you to call to leave a voicemail with your story. and third, you can share using just text in the form below. the text share can be anonymous if you’d like. so excited to hear them. we’ll use as many as we can!


what’s something you’re really proud of?

what’s something different or unique about your family?

have any bad prom night stories?

have you ever felt caught between two identities? or versions of yourself?

is there something you want to say to someone you care about and you can’t figure out how?

do you have a dream you want to pursue that your friends or family might not expect?

have you ever dealt with someone bullying you?

what’s a time you had to deal with a lot of unexpected attention? online or in real life.

have you ever done something that made you feel like you grew up a lot?

is there anything you want to ask me about?


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Text Submission

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